March 28, 2024

Watch: Live Broadcast Workflows in the Cloud: A Webinar with and Cinnafilm

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Subscribe recently teamed up with Cinnafilm for a webinar titled "Tachyon LIVE & cloudSwXtch: Expanding Live Broadcast Workflows in the Cloud," featuring insights from Lance Maurer, CEO and Founder of Cinnafilm, Dom Jackson, VP of Products and Services at Cinnafilm, along with’s Geeter Kyrazis and Patrick McCoy.

The webinar was a deep dive into how broadcasters can leverage Cinnafilm’s Tachyon LIVE software for high-quality real-time standards conversions. Our cloudSwXtch solution, a first-of-its-kind platform, serves as the backbone for this process, providing high-performance network features to cloud applications for broadcasting. Additionally, attendees were given a sneak peek at Cinnafilm's upcoming product, IPx LIVE – a real-time IP conversion tool capable of handling conversions between various formats such as NDI, SRT, and SMPTE 2110.

Among topics discussed was the shift of live event broadcasters towards cloud-based operations. This transition is driven by the need for more dynamic and flexible network features to support the high-throughput workflows of live broadcasts. The webinar highlighted how live events like news and sports coverage, in particular, benefit from the agility of cloud-based systems’ rapid deployment capabilities. When unexpected events happen, the ability to quickly spin up a system and broadcast live footage is crucial.

To learn more about our work with Cinnafilm and how our partnership is transforming live broadcast workflows, check out our recent blog here. If you're interested in learning more about how Tachyon LIVE and cloudSwXtch can support your live broadcast workflows in the cloud, hit play on the replay of the webinar here.

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