Tachyon LIVE™

Standards Conversion for cloudSwXtch

Real-Time Standards Conversion, deinterlacing and resolution adjustment for live production workflows in the cloud with Tachyon LIVE™!

Cinnafilm's file-based gold standards, live on cloudswxtch

Reimagine In-Network Video Transforms 
for the Cloud

With Tachyon LIVE™ on cloudSwXtch, users get high-quality motion-compensated frame rate conversions for their entirely virtualized environments. Go even further with additional video transformations available, such as: resolution scaling, deinterlacing, color space conversions, and user-specified Lut.

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Transfer functions: 601/709/2020 PQ, HLG


Interlaced to Progressive, Progressive to Interlaced


SD to UHD / 4K

Frame rate

Convert frame rates between 23.98 to 60 FPS

high performance networking and standards conversions

Finally Together

With cloudSwXtch, this combined solution can take in LIVE Multicast, RTP, UDP, NDI, SRT, and SMPTE 2110 flows for conversion and output them to multiple destinations in any of the supported network protocols. This enables simple integration into existing broadcast workflows both on public cloud or on-premises.

total performance parity with on-premiSeS

Flexibility in Any Cloud

Combine swXtch.io’s cloud agnostic approach to enterprise-grade media networking with Cinnafilm’s Tachyon™ LIVE to distribute live video signals using industry standard IP video transmission protocols for streaming video, such as SMPTE 2110 (JPEG-XS or uncompressed), SRT, and NDI.

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Compute Requirements:
  • CPU: 16+ CPU Cores
  • Nvidia GPU, Pascal series or newer
  • REST and JSON RPC configuration and monitoring APIs
Available Clouds:
  • Azure, AWS, Google, and OCI
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