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What is cloudSwXtch?

cloudSwXtch creates a virtual overlay network that lets users add high performance networking to their cloud or edge applications, no code changes required!

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Deployable in Azure, AWS, Oracle
and Google Clouds.

Documentation  Overview

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Quick Start Guide

cloudSwXtch implementation for IP multicast on any cloud.

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System Requirements

Set your stage right: optimal configuration for cloudSwXtch.

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API Reference

Navigating and implementing the cloudSwXtch API.

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Installing cloudSwXtch

Step-by-step: deploying cloudSwXtch effectively.

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Installing xNIC

Optimize your network performance: mastering xNIC deployment.

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Using wXcked Eye

Harness superior monitoring and orchestration with wXcked Eye.

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Explore Features

Simple deployment and no code changes required. Grab the cloudSwXtch from the marketplace, deploy in your tenant, and integrate with your workflows using existing common protocols.

cloudSwXtch facilitates clock synchronization across the network by acting as the Master Node and passing along information gained from the true clock source to the Follower Nodes at each endpoint (including xNIC). PTP facilitates production needs from Date/Time, Timecode, and Frequency.

Connect cloudSwXtches on different vNETs to support interconnectivity, including across different cloud platforms. Each cloudSwXtch in the mesh communicates to ensure efficient use of interconnected bandwidth, based on dynamic multicast requests and routing.

Visibility down to the packet level for enhanced Monitoring and Quality of Service (QoS). wXcked Eye is our monitoring UI that enables users to audit the performance of their cloudSwXtch network. A REST API is provided to manage and control your network your way.

cloudSwXtch takes any supported packet protocol (SRT, unicast, multicast) and fans it out to multiple receivers of another packet protocol.

Protect your packets by sending them down redundant data paths - across virtual networks, regions or clouds.


Partners are talking about cloudSwXtch!

“Migrating mission-critical workflows to the cloud is a top-of-mind business priority for organizations across industries today,” said Kip Schauer, Global Head Media & Entertainment and Gaming Partnerships at Google Cloud. “We’re thrilled to partner with to help customers scale with Google Cloud’s high performance computing, including 200 Gbps NICs and Global VPCs, enabling horizontal and vertical scaling on a planet wide network.”

Kip Schauer

Global Head Media & Entertainment and Gaming Partnerships, Google Cloud

“Every other technology that’s out there is just looking at data streams, cloudSwXtch understands broadcast data streams – it’s a massive game changer in our industry.”

Harry Grinling

CEO, Support Partners

“With cloudSwXtch, our customers can launch a virtualized multicast router to extend an on-premises standards-compliant network to the cloud.”

Mo Goyal

International Business Management, Evertz


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