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Introducing cloudSwXtch - a virtual overlay network that lets you build a high-performance network on top of your cloud network without changing your application code. AWS Multicast, Azure Multicast and Google Cloud Multicast
is now here!

Introducing cloudSwXtch

A seamless bridge to the Cloud

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High performance multicast network

Complete your cloud transformation with cloudSwXtch, the first and only platform enabling AWS multicast, Azure multicast and Google Cloud multicast in on-prem-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud environments alike--with just one click.

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Zero code changes

cloudSwXtch also allows systems that require control of low level network features to migrate without changing software.

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Sub-millisecond latency

Your business can now move at the speed of software. Deliver millions of packets per second & support unlimited endpoints with low microsecond latency.

Key product features

Protocol Fanout

Take any packet protocol and fan it out to another packet protocol; forward a multicast stream to many receivers, while also mapping the multicast stream to many unicast devices alleviating the need for the sending device to send it in both protocols while making the network more efficient and reducing Egress costs.


Meshes connects cloudSwXtches in a variety of dispersed network locations – different Virtual Networks, regions, clouds, subnets, etc.). Additionally, a mesh is a way to group two or more cloudSwXtch devices together to act as one to enhance network performance.

Ground to Cloud <==> Cloud to Ground

integrates on-prem and cloud networks, creating a single data path.


Visibility down to the packet level for enhanced Monitoring and Quality of Service (QoS). wXcked Eye is our monitoring UI that enables users to audit the performance of their cloudSwXtch network. A REST API is provided to manage and control your network your way.


People are talking about cloudSwXtch!

“Every other technology that’s out there is just looking at data streams, cloudSwXtch understands broadcast data streams – it’s a massive game changer in our industry.”

Harry Grinling

CEO, Support Partners

“With cloudSwXtch, our customers can launch a virtualized multicast router to extend an on-premises standards-compliant network to the cloud.”

Mo Goyal

International Business Management, Evertz


We are committed to keeping your critical systems operational. Our support plans and policies are outlined in our Service Level Agreement.

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