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Broadcast and video producers can finally harness the power of cloud networks for their most demanding workflows.

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Industry Solutions

Uncompressed SMPTE 2110

As live production moves to the cloud, support for industry standards such as SMPTE 2110 remains important. Because cloudSwXtch acts as a virtual overlay across a physical broadcast network or cloud tenant, media companies can adapt their networks and add features like multicast, uncompressed video distribution and network path redundance that high-bandwidth workflows require.

Industry Solutions

2022-7 Hitless Merge

cloudswXtch implements SMPTE 2022-7 by splitting the network traffic for a video stream at the source and creating multiple redundant network data paths.

Industry Solutions

Seamless IP-multicast has developed a software-based networking architecture to allow broadcasters to implement ground-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground multicast while incorporating critical video and audio standards.

Your bridge to the cloud.

cloudSwXtch bridges on-premises and cloud networks at the data layer using the latest technical standards SMPTE 2110 and 2022-7 for seamless, uninterrupted, production-quality video.

Bare metal parity

Achieve microsecond latencies and high bandwidth throughput at a scale similar to bare metal networks.

Protocol Fanout

Take any packet protocol and fan it out to another packet protocol; forward a multicast stream to many receivers, while also mapping the multicast stream to many unicast devices alleviating the need for the sending device to send it in both protocols while making the network more efficient and reducing Egress costs.

No code changes

Move your existing applications to the cloud as-is. Significantly reduce your migration costs and timeframe.

High availability

Protect your packets by sending them down redundant data paths - across virtual networks, regions or clouds.

2022-7 Hitless Merge

cloudswXtch’s hitless merge feature incorporates the latest SMPTE 2022-7 standard for transmitting a single reconstructed output stream through two or more redundant IP networks.

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“With cloudSwXtch, our customers can launch a virtualized multicast router to extend an on-premises standards-compliant network to the cloud.”

Mo Goyal

International Business Management, Evertz

“Every other technology that’s out there is just looking at data streams, cloudSwXtch understands broadcast data streams – it’s a massive game changer in our industry.”

Harry Grinling

CEO, Support Partners



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