Industrials, IoT & Public Sector

cloudSwXtch enables cloud migrations for companies that are limited by network capabilities not previously available in the cloud. Examples include IoT, security video and mass software distribution, simulation and control systems, and many more.

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Industry Solutions

Classified, DoD and Air-Gapped Networks

cloudSwXtch enables cloud migration, distribution and workflows to federal, state, and local government entities, bringing cloudSwXtch features to classified and air-gapped networks.

Industry Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT)

cloudSwXtch enables distribution, management and administration of massive amounts of IoT devices at once.

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Solutions for IoT, Government & Industrial Applications

Seamless IP-multicast

Optimize your network configuration and reduce your cloud distribution and egress costs.

Bare metal parity

Achieve microsecond latencies and high bandwidth throughput at a scale similar to bare metal networks.

Sub-millisecond latency

Your business can now move at the speed of software. Deliver millions of packets per second & support unlimited endpoints with low microsecond latency.

No code changes

Move your existing applications to the cloud as-is. Significantly reduce your migration costs and timeframe.

High availability

Protect your packets by sending them down redundant data paths - across virtual networks, regions or clouds.

Deploy on secure networks

cloudSwXtch can be deployed on air-gapped networks using an image-based deployment model.

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