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Multicast in the Cloud for Broadcasters

Multicast in the Cloud for Financial Services

The virtual overlay network for financial services trading

The only cloud-accessible multicast workflow, cloudSwXtch provides an unmatched level of distribution of financial data.

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Industry Solutions


cloudSwXtch brings true multicast distribution to financial networks in the cloud.

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Financial Services Solutions

Integrate your on-prem network with the cloud and accelerate your digital transformations.

Seamless IP-multicast

Optimize your network configuration and reduce your cloud distribution and egress costs.

Bare metal parity

Achieve microsecond latencies and high bandwidth throughput at a scale similar to bare metal networks.

No code changes

Move your existing applications to the cloud as-is. Significantly reduce your migration costs and timeframe.

High availability

Protect your packets by sending them down redundant data paths - across virtual networks, regions or clouds.

cloudSwXtch is built for broadcasters

We provide an end-to-end media & entertainment solution to get you going in the cloud. Download our data sheet to learn more now.


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