June 27, 2024

Watch: An Inside Look at How swXtch.io Makes Cloud Broadcasting Possible

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Broadcasting in the cloud can be a headache, with multicast data integration being a major roadblock. In a dream world, those headaches would disappear—and thanks to swXtch.io’s cloudSwXtch tool acting like an industrial-sized bottle of Aspirin of sorts, that dream is now a reality. Our latest video showcases how cloudSwXtch technology finally makes seamless, reliable cloud broadcasting possible. If you’re a visual learner, this one’s for you—an explainer video breaking down the entire process in about a minute. Watch it on YouTube and explore our swXtchYard blog for more technical deep dives into hitless merge and lossless UDP. Cloud broadcasting—for real.

Unlock True Multicast in the Cloud with cloudSwXtch

swXtch.io's cloudSwXtch solution enables true multicast capabilities in the cloud, providing seamless, efficient, and reliable broadcasting for media and entertainment companies.

Key features highlighted include:

• Stream Duplication: Supporting up to eight copies for redundancy, ensuring uninterrupted service even in case of failures.
• Dual Path Transmission: Demonstrates a setup with a RED camera on-premises sending video to both a blue and red path through Cloud Switch bridges. This redundancy guarantees reliable transport.
• Hitless Packet Merge: Utilizing ST 2022-7 technology, swXtch.io ensures that even when packet loss occurs, the reconstructed stream remains stable and viewers experience no impairments.
•Scalability: cloudSwXtch can distribute paths across different regions or cloud providers, providing flexibility and reliability.
• Lossless UDP: Protects against packet drops, ensuring stable and high-quality streaming.

A New Broadcasting Strategy

Our technology supports live, production-quality broadcasts in cloud and hybrid networks, allowing you to migrate your applications to the cloud. This is particularly beneficial for systems requiring control of low-level network features. In the video, we showcase how swXtch.io's solutions enhance business continuity and disaster recovery plans by ensuring stable and robust streaming capabilities.

Learn how swXtch.io can help transform your broadcasting strategy in the cloud, providing unmatched reliability and efficiency. Get in touch for more information or visit swXtch.io.

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