May 28, 2024

Update 2.3.2 for New Features, Fixes, and Improvements

Cole Hermida
Technical writer
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cloudSwXtch 2.3.2 is now available and it includes a whole new and improved way of looking at data with wXcked Eye and swXtch-top!

What’s New:

Channels come to wXcked Eye: wXcked Eye now allows users to configure a pipeline of existing streams and converters into channels. This update carries throughout the UI with a new Topology Graph and Channels views that highlight the inter-connective nature of streams between the various workflow components. In addition, users can now specify certain colors for streams, channels, and redundant HA paths.

A more flexible Topology Graph…: The wXcked Eye Topology Graph received a major facelift with new filtering mechanics, the ability to save a user’s topology configuration, and a node editor. Users can view information about a component and cluster links between cloudSwXtch nodes to streamline how data flow is depicted.

…and a new detailed Topology Table: A new wXcked Eye Topology table provides users with a more focused way of viewing individual streams and channels. It presents data flow in a tree view with components pulled directly from the topology graph.


Streamlining swXtch-top: Like wXcked Eye, swXtch-top has been updated with additional views (Streams and StreamLinks) focused on channel data flow. HA Paths, HA Summary, and HA views has been consolidated into a singular HA page. See the new views here.

In Case You Missed It:

An earlier 2.2.0 version introduced several new improvements to cloudSwXtch. Here are the highlights:

Keep xNIC installation secure: We now provide an optional way to verify the legitimacy of our xNIC installer script and installation packages against signed hash files with public key. Read more about it here.

Search in swXtch-top: A new Search bar in the swXtch-top will allow users to easily filter items in the xNICs, Streams, and the new Notification views.

Better performance for AWS: The c6in EC2 instance family is now recommended for all cloudSwXtches running version 2.2.0 or greater. This ensures that users get the best performance out of their cloudSwXtch network on AWS.

Stay on top of your Bridge with swXtch-top: A new Bridge view has been added to swXtch-top displaying data flow stats specifically for Bridge Type 2.

Stay Updated:

Keep an eye on our release notes section for more updates. And if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to us at

Read the full release notes here

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