May 1, 2023

Awards! Demos Galore! Vegas!’s Recap of the National Broadcasters Association convention NAB 2023

Geeter Kyrazis Business Lead
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Some of the SwXtch team kicked off the NAB Show 2023 by attending the pre-convention Devoncroft Executive Summit, where they took in panels and talks from participants in the marketplace, including infrastructure and technology providers, broadcast networks, media properties like Discovery and Warner Brothers, and CTOs and C-level executives seeking to learn.

Everyone is trying to find new solutions for the challenges of moving live video broadcast streams to the cloud and distributing them to a global audience. As the industry is fundamentally transforming itself to take advantage of global cloud networks, we’re thrilled to have returned from NAB Show knowing that cloudSwXtch is at the center of what the broadcasting industry is looking for.

We had almost 50 meetings scheduled during the convention, which was a lot for our little team of 11, but we were happy to show broadcasting executives, CTOs, engineers and other stakeholders what and cloudSwXtch are doing to revolutionize broadcasting in the cloud. demonstrated our technology in booths for TAG Video Systems, Evertz and Microsoft who all used our integration connections to demonstrate contribution and end-to-end workflows.

• Microsoft used cloudSwXtch as the broadcast network for their Microsoft Live workflow, transporting live NBA streams to multiple production steps in the Azure cloud.

• Evertz used our cloudSwXtch data in the dashboard of their Magnum OS product, which does monitoring and configuration of different network streams. Evertz also used newly updated PTP clock synchronization capability to show offsets between different endpoints, a unique feature that is essential for SMPTE 2110 in the cloud and frame synchronization.  

• TAG video systems, which has the market-leading multiviewer product-integrating many different video streams into one mosaic view from different formats -- showed PTP offsets for the different video formats, as well distributing JPEG XS in the cloud. This allows the first steps toward moving SMPTE 2110 streams into the cloud.

• Cinnafiim announced an important partnership with, using cloudSwXtch to move their Tachyon Live product, a format and standards conversion tool, from a file-based workflow to a live process. This allows the existing Tachyon user base to do complex standards conversion processing in real time in the cloud.

Our protocol fan-out feature was also heavily implemented across all the booths, showcasing cloudSwXtch’s ability to convert stream format and network protocols, allowing best of breed production systems to be created in the cloud.

Our own Louise Moggio also joined a panel discussion put on by Women in Streaming Media. This session with top streaming executives discussed how the adoption of innovative technology will bring efficiencies and more options for online video, the evolving role of the cloud in streaming and the use of personalized data for targeting advertisements.

It was an honor to close out NAB with the International Association for Broadcast Manufacturers BaM award in the “Connect” category, recognizing our innovation bringing broadcast network capabilities to the cloud. We were also so proud to win the TV Tech Best of Show Award, which also recognizes excellence in innovation, as well as cost efficiency and performance for serving the industry.

Our biggest takeaway from those many meetings and demos across NAB Show was that everybody wants to move to the cloud, but nobody wants to get stuck on the cloud. Solving this core problem for the industry and our customers remains our only focus. finds ourselves at the rare intersection of an industry in transformation, where the promise of advancing technology intersects with widespread demand for those advances. We can’t wait to see you at IBC 2023 in September and to continue being part of this transformational shift in the future of broadcasting.

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