April 13, 2023

swXtch.io to Highlight Five Cloud Transformation Use Cases for Broadcasters at NAB Show 2023

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NEW YORK – April 13, 2023 – swXtch.io, a wholly-owned subsidiary of IEX Group, Inc., will join forces with leading broadcast and IT brands at NAB Show 2023 to demonstrate how customers can quickly and efficiently realize the many business benefits that come with moving broadcast streams to the cloud.

swXtch.io and its cloudSwXtch platform will be featured in three booths (Microsoft, Evertz and TAG Video Systems), where representatives will demonstrate how cloudSwXtch enables enterprise broadcast workflows, such as:

• Channel Assembly and Distribution

• Network Path Redundancy

• Live Production with Precision Time Protocol (PTP)

• Remote Production Collaboration

• Cloud-Path Optimization with Multicast

“We are excited to show NAB attendees how they can use cloudSwXtch to quickly experience the many benefits that come with moving to the cloud,” said Brent Yates, CEO of swXtch.io. “These use-case demonstrations will show how businesses can efficiently manage large volumes of media workflows in ground-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud applications using mission-critical applications running in the cloud.”

Available on leading cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS, cloudSwXtch deploys as a virtual machine with functional and performance parity to bare metal networks. Customers can easily add advanced features to support enterprise broadcast applications. This includes multicast, uncompressed video distribution, dynamic ground-to-cloud bridging, SMPTE 2022-7 hitless merge, global mesh networking, protocol fanout, and more without software code changes on the media application.

swXtch.io at the Microsoft booth (W1259)

cloudSwXtch will participate in a multi-vendor demonstration with Support Partners, Cinnafilm, Drastic Technology, and Evertz. The demo will show how the protocol fanout capability of cloudSwXtch can bridge on-premises infrastructure with cloud platforms for live streams and allow cloud endpoints to dynamically request on-prem content. Cinnafilm’s Tachyon Live is integrated within the cloudSwXtch platform enabling live stream standards conversion, such as motion compensated frame rate conversion and up/down/cross conversion in the cloud.   swXtch.io will also show PTP clock synchronization, expanded management and monitoring capabilities for all cloud production workflows. Specifically, integrated PTP capabilities will provide the accurate timing for live switching and video/audio synchronization demanded by live production and playout applications.  

swXtch.io at the Evertz booth (N2225)

swXtch.io will demonstrate how media content creators can access the same features, systems, and processes in the cloud that a dedicated on-prem infrastructure might provide. The demo will highlight cloudSwXtch’s new ground-to-cloud, or “dynamic bridging,” concept for PTP distribution in the cloud, enabling creation of world-class content anywhere there is access to the cloud. With swXtch.io, Evertz is showing the ability to extend PTP (SMPTE ST 2059-2) across the cloud. Using a primary PTP clock source (Evertz 5700MSC-IP) on premise, cloudSwXtch can distribute the PTP signals across the cloud to resources in the cloud and/or remote locations as sources to boundary clocks. MAGNUM-OS monitors and analyzes this PTP flows for performance and reliability. This service is a game changer for remote production applications where a reference clock source may be difficult to obtain. In addition, Evertz has integrated to cloudSwXtch’s open API, providing cloud network health monitoring not previously available and streaming control from on-prem to the cloud.

swXtch.io at the TAG Video Systems booth (W1542)

A joint demonstration with TAG Video Systems will provide insight into how cloudSwXtch can enable a more dynamic monitoring approach as media moves through the cloud to multiple endpoints. That includes reliable QC and live signal monitoring with PTP synchronization of video and audio streams. Visitors will also see how cloudSwXtch supports “by-exception” monitoring, which alerts operators that specific problems have been detected in video and/or audio feeds that require attention.

The cloudSwXtch wXcked Eye user interface, new for NAB, provides an advanced user interface with detailed data visualization of network performance. TAG Video Systems will connect to the cloudSwXtch API to unlock complementary video monitoring applications in local, national, and global mesh network configurations, including several public cloud service providers.  

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About swXtch.io

swXtch.io brings advanced capabilities to traditional cloud networking environments so companies in media, finance, and manufacturing can migrate their most demanding and mission-critical workflows to the cloud. The groundbreaking cloudSwXtch technology enables mission critical capabilities such as multicast, ground-to-cloud bridging, protocol translation and fanout, and network path redundancy to all the major public clouds. swXtch.io is the latest innovation from IEX Group, Inc., a New York-based technology company and stock exchange operator known for leveling the playing field. Learn more about swXtch.io at www.swxtch.io.

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