Update 2.1.0 for swXtch.io: New Features, Fixes, and Improvements

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We’re excited to ring in the New Year with the release of cloudSwXtch Version 2.1.0. This update brings a host of new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Dive into what’s new and discover how our latest enhancements can transform your cloud network management.

What’s New:

xNIC on more platforms: The xNIC is now available on additional operating systems such as, AlmaLinux 8.8, Amazon Linux 2023, RHEL 9.2, Rocky Linux 8 + 9, and Ubuntu 22.04. For a comprehensive list, see xNIC System Requirements.

Multicast expanded: Adding Multiple Multicast groups in a High Availability configuration (mMC-7) and Source Specific Multicast (SSM) are two new features available to users.

A new way to license: We’ve added the option to install a self-hosted Licensing Server onto your cloudSwXtch network. Read more about it here.

Kubernetes support: In addition to AKS (Azure), Installing xNIC on Kubernetes is now also supported on GKE (GCP) and EKS (AWS).


See things clearly with wXcked Eye: Total visibility and navigation between all your cloudSwXtches on a single page is now a breeze with the wXcked Eye Cluster view. Plus, you can now see SRT and RIST data flow metrics under Protocol Fanout Stats.

A Better xNIC: The xNIC has been enhanced to work with a single-NIC configuration. In addition, High Availability configuration for an xNIC with a single multicast group is now automatic.

Simplified troubleshooting with exportable reports: We’ve added multiple new ways to export cloudSwXtch reports. This can now be done via the new wXcked Eye Support page or through the swx support command.

Enhanced Prometheus API integration: The Prometheus metrics are now swx_core for the cloudSwXtch and swx_xnic for the xNICs. For additional changes, see Prometheus Monitoring under Monitoring cloudSwXtch.

cloudSwXtch Bridge installation: The cloudSwXtch Bridge Type 2 installation command has been updated.

Bug Fixes

Stay in the loop:

Keep an eye on our release notes section for more updates. And if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to us at info@swxtch.io.

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