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Introducing cloudSwXtch on Oracle Cloud

Start Oracle Cloud Multicast with the flip of a switch!

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High performance Oracle Cloud multicast network

Complete your cloud transformation with cloudSwXtch, the platform enabling Oracle Cloud multicast in on-prem-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud environments alike--with just one click.

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What is multicast?

Multicast is a networking communication method that allows the transmission of data to multiple recipients simultaneously with a single packet. Unlike unicast, which sends data to a single destination, or broadcast, which sends data to every device in a network, multicast sends data only to those devices that express interest in receiving it, known as group members. This results in efficient use of network bandwidth and reduces the impact on network traffic. Multicast is commonly used for streaming multimedia content, real-time communication, and software updates.

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Sub-millisecond latency

Your business can now move at the speed of software. Deliver millions of packets per second & support unlimited endpoints with low microsecond latency.

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