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Extend your Media Network to the Cloud

Stepping into cloud broadcasting often feels like you’re tackling a new language alongside the one you already know. At, we’ve seen the industry’s hesitation, dealt with those pain points and roadblocks firsthand, and that’s exactly what drove us to develop our cloudSwXtch solution. We wanted to ensure a smooth transition for media workflows.

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What You Can Expect to Learn:

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    How to achieve Broadcast Quality Live Standard Conversion to the Cloud

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    Streamlining Media Flows in the Cloud with NMOS

  • 3

    Move ST-2110 and JPEG-XS Into and Through the Cloud

A seamless bridge to the Cloud

Open the door to advanced features unavailable on cloud networks… until now.

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Learn how to lower data center costs, increase broadcast reliability and accelerate cloud migration timelines.

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Get bare-metal features and performance with zero code changes

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Create and stand-up content in the cloud from anywhere, with broadcast quality and reliability.

Benefits of Using swXtch for Cloud Broadcasting Services

As the landscape of broadcasting and media services evolves, embracing cloud solutions has become paramount for staying competitive and efficient. swXtch offers a revolutionary approach to cloud broadcasting services, and the benefits are game-changing. Here are two key advantages of incorporating swXtch into your cloud broadcasting strategy:

Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility

swXtch empowers broadcasting services with unparalleled scalability and flexibility. In a digital world where demands can fluctuate rapidly, having the ability to scale resources up or down in real-time is a game-changer. Whether you're streaming live events or managing on-demand content, swXtch ensures that your infrastructure can adapt seamlessly to meet audience demands. This not only optimizes resource utilization but also enables you to offer a superior viewing experience without the constraints of traditional hardware-based systems.

Cost Efficiency and Resource Optimization:

By migrating your broadcasting services to the cloud with swXtch, you unlock significant cost efficiencies. Traditional broadcasting infrastructure often involves substantial upfront investments and ongoing maintenance costs. With swXtch, you can reduce capital expenditures by leveraging cloud resources. Moreover, you only pay for the resources you use, allowing for resource optimization. Whether you're a media giant or a startup, swXtch's cost-effective approach ensures that you get the most value from your broadcasting operations, translating to a more competitive edge in the industry.

Stay ahead in the dynamic world of broadcasting and media by harnessing the power of swXtch. These benefits represent just a glimpse of what swXtch can do for your cloud broadcasting services. Discover the full potential of swXtch and redefine your broadcasting capabilities for the digital age.