October 13, 2023

swXtch’s IBC Debrief: It’s All About Multi-Cloud Environments

A crowd mills around outside the entrance to IBC 2023
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The International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) is a cornerstone event in the broadcasting industry and swXtch.io had the honor of attending this year, presenting our virtual overlay product, cloudSwXtch, and discussing the evolving landscape of broadcasting.

Here's a recap of our time at IBC and where swXtch.io’s solutions are carving a niche in the industry.

SMPTE panel discussion: A meeting of minds

We’ll start with the exciting stuff first: swXtch.io and Cinegy participated in a panel discussion between major cloud providers, including Microsoft, Amazon, and Google.

Speaking on the panel, sponsored by SMPTE, our chief strategy officer Geeter Kyrazis highlighted the industry's shift towards multi-cloud operations and our commitment to facilitating this transition. Andy Beach from Microsoft echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of seamless cloud interoperability, sharing: “As Geeter said, when customers deploy on Azure, they want assurances that it is going to look as similar as possible to their on-prem environment and like it does on other public clouds."

You can read more about the panel in Technology Record.

The rising demand for hybrid and multi-cloud solutions in broadcasting

Beyond the panel, multi-cloud and hybrid systems were a clear trend we picked up on at this year’s IBC. Many of the world's leading broadcasters are moving away from building new data centers and are instead focusing on transitioning to the cloud.

This shift, however, is likely to be a gradual migration rather than an abrupt change. Broadcasters are seeking a balanced, hybrid approach, where both on-premises and cloud components operate concurrently, optimizing workload placement.

This is exciting news for us, of course, because part of what makes us unique lies in swXtch.io’s ability to cater to this need. Broadcasters are keen on moving parts of their workload to the cloud while keeping some on-premises, implementing precisely the same systems and processes in the cloud as they have in their broadcasting networks and connecting them into one cohesive system. Moreover, there's a growing interest in diversifying across multiple cloud providers, driven by various factors including legacy cloud provider affiliations, the unique capabilities of different cloud platforms, and a desire for redundancy to avoid vendor lock-in.

The role of cloudSwXtch:

After speaking with so many folks in the industry at IBC, cloudSwXtch stands out as a solution because it’s designed to address so many of these unique challenges faced by media companies.

• It goes beyond multicast: While multicast capabilities are essential, cloudSwXtch offers an expanding feature set that addresses critical issues for media customers.

• Seamless integration: cloudSwXtch is the only solution that allows media companies to extend their broadcast network into the cloud seamlessly. It retains the software and processes they're familiar with, ensuring a smooth transition and operation.

• Multi-cloud flexibility: For most large broadcasting companies, relying on a single cloud provider isn't viable. cloudSwXtch recognizes this and ensures multi-cloud compatibility, using the same systems and processes and thus catering to the diverse business needs of customers.

• User-centric design: What sets cloudSwXtch apart is its emphasis on user experience. Ease of use, deployment, and observability are its hallmarks, making it a preferred choice for media companies.

Looking ahead

As swXtch.io continues to focus on the media and entertainment market, we're gearing up for more industry events, including NAB New York in late October and NAB Las Vegas in April.  IBC bought so many insights from our customers and has reinforced the importance for cloud innovation in broadcasting. With cloudSwXtch leading our efforts, we're excited about the journey ahead and the transformations we'll help shape.

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