November 7, 2023

Kongsberg Maritime taps to Propel Digital Transformation

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cloudSwXtch software-defined networking will help maritime innovator establish digital testing and simulation initiative for their products delivered across a fleet of 30,000 vessels

NEW YORK – November 7, 2023 –, a wholly-owned subsidiary of IEX Group, today announced Kongsberg Maritime has selected its cloudSwXtch software-defined networking product to launch a critical element in the company’s digital transformation strategy – digital testing and simulation.

cloudSwXtch will enable Kongsberg Maritime to create a virtual cloud test environment with full IP multicast capabilities, for testing and simulation of maritime products delivered to more than 30 000 vessels. By allowing iterative testing and modification in a virtual cloud environment, Kongsberg Maritime can bring new innovations to market and respond to changing conditions faster, while keeping the high level of quality control that maritime applications demand.

A core component of Kongsberg Maritime’s digital simulation program is transitioning its legacy on-premises testing environment to the cloud to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Due to the large number of IoT endpoints and other edge computing requirements, the Kongsberg Maritime team has chosen cloudSwXtch for this transition. To enable their digital transformation, Kongsberg Maritime leveraged cloudSwXtch to seamlessly enable multicast in its Microsoft Azure Cloud, including Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Enabling testing and simulation in a virtual environment lets companies like Kongsberg Maritime make informed decisions that are environmentally responsible and reduce their carbon footprint. Using simulations helps engineers evaluate the performance of new technologies and identify new opportunities to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste, and minimize emissions. CEO Brent Yates commented on the news, “We’re excited to work with Kongsberg Maritime to bring another element of its digital transformation strategy to fruition. This selection is another demonstration of how cloudSwXtch is helping businesses bring high-bandwidth workflows to the cloud, and successfully integrate multi and hybrid cloud architectures to innovate faster and be more agile.”

cloudSwXtch will work closely with Sopra Steria, a leading global systems integrator, to implement this solution. cloudSwXtch is certified for deployment on all major cloud networks.

Please visit for more information or read’s blog on  Migrating Test and Simulation Workloads to the Cloud (

About Kongsberg Maritime

Kongsberg Maritime is a global marine technology company providing innovative and reliable technology solutions for all marine industry sectors. Headquartered in Kongsberg, Norway, Kongsberg Maritime has manufacturing, sales, and service facilities in 34 countries. Kongsberg Maritime solutions cover all aspects of marine automation, safety, maneuvering, navigation, and dynamic positioning as well as energy management, deck handling and propulsion systems, and ship design services.

About brings advanced capabilities to traditional cloud networking environments that have the potential to revolutionize cloud networking through its innovative multicasting solution. The groundbreaking cloudSwXtch technology adds feature-rich, high-performance networking to cloud or edge deployments and unlocks missing network features that are required for demanding, high-throughput workflows. cloudSwXtch solves these technical issues without requiring code changes and offers a simple path to create reliable networks in the cloud. is a wholly owned subsidiary of IEX Group, Inc. operates separately and distinctly from IEX Exchange (Investors’ Exchange LLC).

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